• Kessiriel


    Her skin is so pale as to be nearly white. With long, white hair and ice-blue eyes, she is nearly colorless.
  • Terrick


    A young, cocky, elemental magic student, who's trying to act older than he really is.
  • Abbot Corwell

    Abbot Corwell

    The current Abbot of the temple of Erathi in Leneasa. His sallow skin does not do justice to the mans fervor for doing his lords bidding. Abbot Corwell was slain in Leneasa after crying out for aid from his true master, Bane.
  • Captain Digthorn

    Captain Digthorn

    The quick-mouthed halfling seems a hair away from trouble at all times. He dresses in expensive, though faded leathers suggesting that perhaps he has seen fairer days.
  • Carter


    Carter is a man who appears to be in his late fifties, the ring of hair about his scalp having long-since lost any hint of color. He dresses in simple linens and wools, befitting his modest position.
  • Lark


    A half-elf woman dressed in faded leathers that mute the sound of the chain she wears beneath. The rumors of her delight in causing pain do much to curb violence within the House of Black Lanterns.
  • Naessirio


    Naessirio dresses in human clothes, though he wears the golden, intricate jewelry of his homeland. To an outsider Naessirio looks scantly older than 20 years. He serves as the master cook of the House of Black Lanterns.
  • Urzog


    Urzog is a half-giant. He wears ringmail carries a warspear everywhere, but nobody can remember him ever needing to use it. Urzog is the watcher of the animals for the House of Black Lanterns. He is vapid and strange, but kind.