Black Lanterns

Black Lanterns Session One

The adventurers awoke in the House of Black Lanterns, a wondrous tavern with mysterious properties. Carter explained that they owed payment for something they’d each purchased from him. While there was some initial distrust they eventually heard his demands.

Urzog indicated to Terok that Carter was trustworthy and that he would remember more in time.

The adventurers received a cherry wood case containing a silver chalice swathed in purple velvet. Carter explained that the case must be brought to Leneasa, a city half a days march to the west. The adventurers also realized that they’d received gifts in the form of enchanted silver chains. Carter explained that if sold they would be worth a substantial amount of gold.

The party marched west, stumbling first upon the aftermath of a bandit raid on a merchants wagon. The bandits were dispatched to a man, but the last not before revealing that Leneasa was in dire straits. Apparently the guard had been dismantled. Sahm buried the dead while Valan purified a small pond nearby allowing the party to wash and rest easy while they waited for Sahm to finish.

The party made their way to the Temple of Erathis upon entering the city of Leneasa. They found a young servant of Erathis who explained that Abbot Durgoln had passed two weeks earlier and had been replaced by Abbot Corwell. The party insisted that they be allowed to see the corpse of Abbot Durgoln, and eventually the servant relented, explaining that he must not be implicated and that the party should return that evening under the cover of darkness. The tombs beneath the temple of Erathis are no longer a safe place, as Erathis is currently frowning upon the city and his congregation.

The party then made their way to the execution of Lord Aegwynn which they were too late to do anything but witness. When his son was dragged before the mob to be hung the party sprang into action. Sahm fired upon the stage. Kemmet spoke loudly against Abbot Corwell, turning the crowd against him while Valan and Terok performed arcane tricks to aid in the chaos. Meanwhile Kessiriel stepped through the feywild and onto the stage to rescue the lad and flee the scene with him over one shoulder.

The crowd turned against Abbot Corwell and his cronies entirely, mobbing the stage and his guardsmen. In the process the party managed to make a clean escape.

Game will start soon!

Make sure you get your histories and mystery hooks into me as soon as you are able. Send Elwick a friend request on obsidianportal and I’ll add your account and character to the game.


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